Oklahoma,No Flood Insurance Who Will Pay?

I was wondering.,since the floods in OK and the lack of flood insurance by those who were affected, is it a possibility for an outbreak of those with hail damage to spend either the entire hail claim(other than patchwork) on the interior,or those that have had they’re roof replaced and waiting on the RECDEP to burn the contractor and perform repairs for the interior versus paying the contractor?

Seems possible. Is enterior similar to interior?

Sumthan Lyck Dhat. :smiley:

I assume FEMA will help with the flood damage

Obviously it would come down to depreciation.

Furthermore, if a hailstone the size of basketball flew through your roof, melted, and shorted out your computer, consequently unlocking your water tight electric doors, is it covered under a hail claim?

how about this scenario.
water back-up through the toilet and damaged the floor covering, base,base shoe, drywall paint etc. before the flood water entered the dwelling. This is a scenario that I have used to help the homeowners get coverage.
Assuming of course the homeowner has sewer back up coverage.

If there is a storm created opening in the roof, siding, windows etc… and if its a covered peril. Then there would be coverage for A & B (Dwelling, contents) under one claim.

The tricky part is convincing the insurance adjuster what happened first.