Old Felt OK?

I am building a new home and the roofers installed the felt paper almost 3 months ago. They are finally getting to installing the shingles now and I am somewhat concerned about the felt condition. The roof is fairly large, about 90 square with 10% waste. The felt paper has been wrinkled for well over a month now since it has been rained on heavy and dried out at least 20 times. The “tarriness” of the felt has dissipated and is more paperlike now without the original saturation. Considering we are in South Florida and we WILL get more hurricanes etc. will the condition of the felt reduce the roofs finished integrity if the it is left on under the shingles instead of being replaced?
What does felt costs average for material and labor roughly? My roof is costing $3.50 sf using Elk Prestique Grande shingles and I know the shingles cost $82 per square locally. Thanks for any info!

hello lts,

in alot of states they shingle brand new houses without any felt at all.
rite to bare plywood.
so the fact that have 90 day old felt on your house is ok.
just gonna fill it full a nail holes from nailin the shingles anyway.

just get it shingled and forget about it.