Old flat roof-slope it with metal? Rubber? Tar & pebbles

My brick fourplex in Minnesota needs a new roof, it’s almost flat, roughly 40 x 60. Bids I’ve gotten for rubber roof (EPDM) have been $26-29,000 (full tearoff). Sounds expensive, but it’s a union town. I wonder if it’s possible to frame in and lay a metal roof (low pitch) over the top of my old tar/pebble roof for less? Maybe new tar and pebbles? I’d like ti to last for many years. Could a low pitch metal roof work, or would I have trouble with ice buildup and swelling in winter? I’d post photos but I can’t figure out the URL system.

What kind of insulation is in there proposal.That price seems high for E.P.D.M.I would recommend going back with asphalt and gravel.I don’t care for E.P.D.M.
However I would strongly recommend having it reguarly maintained don’t let anyone tell you that you have a maitenance free roof they don’t exist.

If $ Budget is a consideration, than I suggest forgetting about any metal roofing option… You might consider getting additional quotes for existing removal and new membrane roofing (however, given roof access, removal and existing and/or new substrate conditions, penetrations/flashings etc. this price may not be excessively high)

Guess you can tell I’m new to this forum. I’m learning the system, maybe this photo will load. It looks pretty rough, many years since replacement. Tar from old patch attempts has settled in the low end, clogged the water drain, etc. Insulation? Don’t know, but it’s a good idea. Old decking has some rotten spots, roof leaks some into upper unit.

roofing.com/images/topics/61 … 137894.jpg

A good candidate for torch applied modified bitumen.

Is that the same as EPDM rubber roofing?

No it is not.
APP modified is a torch applied multi ply system.
There are many different ways to apply it.
IMO, it is better than EPDM for most applications.
It takes more skill/experience to apply correctly.
Without burning down the structure…

Is that the same as EPDM rubber roofing?

union town?
looks like there gonna need a union on that

kinda thick lookin.


Metal Roof would be expensive, it will require to raise up the slope by using metal truss systems, before a metal roof is installed.
For flat roofing I would recommend IB roofing membrane that reflects the solar radiation anf offers good warranty. It is also hot air welded, so there is no flames on your roof, and it protects against ponding water.