Old style ridge vent

hi everyone, need some help to find some of that old heavy plastic ridge vent that you needed to nail down using 2 1/2 " TO 3 " hand nails then you installed H/R over top of it.

Are you talking about the Highpoint ridgevent?

I’m not sure about the brand name but we used to use it about 15 yrs ago since then they have changed it, but i believe it was sold in 3 or 4 foot sections and different colors. trying to match some ridge vent where i added an addition.

Shingle Vent II by Airvent?

yeah i think thats what it is i need about 4 pcs of that vent.

well does anybody know where i can get some of that vent ?

roofing supply store

Website say’s call 1-800- AIR-VENT for where to buy.

Lots of centers carry it round here

i know about the air vent what i need is the first series, haven’t seen it around 4 years, already checked with mbs and b&t dist.

basically the style of ridge vent i need has been discontinued.

are you gonna notice if you use a similar type?

probably not kage but, had my hopes to find some, somewhere.