One last question--DOORS please

in the door frame,in the middle,there is a thin strip of wood that i guess prevents the door from swinging too much. what is that called?
also,when installing a door,where is the unsulation placed? is this the same kind of insulation that is used in a house between the studs?
thank you

its called a what? and thank you so much for answering my other question. i appreciate it/

i should refuse to nswer your question, because in 32 posts you still havent given us anyback ground on your situation.

its called a door stop

yes its the same insulation thats in the walls, it is placed between the jam and th erough opening.

Its called hire someone who knows what they are doing.

I refuse to answer questions without knowing why you are asking them.


is insulation used for replacements or just new construction? and if it is,is it always used for replacements?

Roofers dont do doors sorry.


Pay attention here… we’re trying to be nice, but we want to know why you’re asking a lot of questions on areas that are

B) Not roof related
B) More like the kind of questions you’d ask if you were doing a full on remodel or addition.

PLEASE tell us what you’re doing. Give us a general scope of what you want to do or are trying to do & maybe we’ll be able to better assist you vs. getting ant bit to death with all these little things.