One to One Direct Request Leads

All Around The Home ( is a one to one lead generation service for contractors. Originally based in the Baltimore and DC area, we have decided that the company is ready for national expansion. We are now offering Preferred Partner Memberships to all contractors (but main success has been in Roofing). The membership entails web marketing and PR campaigns to develop one to one leads. In other words, each lead is a direct request from the Home Owner to the contractor for a request for quote. No lead is ever sold to multiple contractors, so there is no competition on the lead. Average close rate is 40-50%. $1,000 a month. Longevity to this program is the best success, but, 10-20 leads in the first month is the average. Later months can get as high as 40 or so. Part of the package includes a word of mouth campaign through Public Relations, handled by us of course.

This program is only offered in a major market area ie., If your service area is 1.5 million people or more. If you are looking for growth or significantly more business, it is appropriate. We are only offering this to one company per market (per industry) so this is a program with exclusivity. Currently, DC and Baltimore markets are taken, Columbus OH is pending but still technically available. This is not appropriate for companies that cannot handle significantly more business.

This announcement has not been made to the public yet. This forum listing is the first mention of it. A National Press Release and web marketing announcement will soon follow. Email me for info.

When you get in So Fl let me know

its public now

It is available now, all across the country. See here:

We made a couple of changes to the site and therefore the link has changed.

Roofers can sign up for a $500 per month plan with us. On average, you will receive 10 - 40 leads. These leads are DIRECT requests to be contacted from a home owner and are NEVER sold to multiple companies. Your lead has already read about your company and is expecting your phone call and ONLY your phone call.

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