Opinions on the NRCA

What are your thoughts and opinions on the NRCA. I have checked it out and wanted some other professional opinions on the matter. If it can better my company then I am all ears. As usual, thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it could hurt.

I checked out there application but it did not mention the dues that it would cost. Also don’t some of these groups require you to first be recommended by someone who already belongs?

the dues depend on what your volume is. It is a better value than the BBB. We have had good leads from NRCA and groups like it in the past.

I have been a member of the NRCA since I started my company. Their dues were part of my business plan. The training manuals and videos that you get is worth joining for at least one year no doubt. Every roofer should have their safety manual. I also have their safety training video in english and spanish.

Allright I’m sold. I’m gonna give it a try for a year anyway. Worst comes to worse I can just blame you guys. Haha. Thanks for the input.

I did consider cancelling after the first year but I believe they do good for the industry especially lobbying on our behalf in terms of immigration reform, insurance etc…

Even if you quit after one year the ammount of training you get and can retain is well worth the 1 year of dues.

i have been getting stuff from them for years. and well since im a salesman i have zero use. but thats me.