Given your experience what suggestions might you have for the type and /or color of shingle that would give the best look and good quality on a new house with old brick (brown&reddish) and some fieldstone accent?

Give these a try. You can pick colors and such on 2 of the most popular shingle manufacures websites. It should give you some ideas.


certainteed.com/CertainTeed/ … Visualize/

im a certainteed guy, but the gaf site allows you to view a house similar to yours, change the siding to brick in your case, and see what the shingles would look like on it

from experience with homeowners that have brick…they almost always pick GAF timberline burnt sienna, and the next color choice is usually GAF timberline charcoal. thats my personal exp. with brick houses.

dont go with burnt sienna. thats like having a living room with like auburn walls, trim, carpet and furniture, no character. get like cedar, or midnight green, or a dark brown. dont go black, white, or grey either, its too plain. put up shutters to match the roof, maybe even gutters matching. Depends on your tastes and the neighborhood, but I often sell a customer a color because I think I know what is beautiful.

Y’all are all nuts…

I think I have given 1 customer an opinion on what to put on his house & that was because his wife had passed away 2 years earlier & he was completely clueless (wanted to put Surf Blue on a house with a light brown trim).

Beyond that, I always let them know that if I give them advice on a shingle color & they don’t like it, I will be partially responsible. Seriously; I don’t get involved in this aspect of the transaction.

I keep paper brochures of all the various mfg’s profiles & designs in an expanding file in my truck - if someone wants a more detailed look I can hunt for a specific sample board with that color @ my wholesaler (I used to keep a zillion sample boards in the garage & the truck, but I can’t stand the clutter & now only bring selected pieces with me if they want something unusual).

Everyone is different. I always said I’m more than a roofer. I can do more than hang a shingle by the correct amount of nails in the right spot. Call it exterior designing, some people have no taste. Im an artist of my trade, and like all artists I starve sometimes because I’m involved and not focused on mass production. EVERY customer has said their roof is beautiful when im done. No arguments there.

i agree,ranchhand,i may say i like something but also that they may have different tastes,and should make their own decision

if you wish to see burnt sienna on brick (which i didnt recommend, im just saying what the hot seller on brick is for me) click the link to my website and go to pictures…3rd one down. and yes guys i know the site needs to be updated with new pics and what not. i have a sample board of everycolor in my shop that i bring out upon request to the homeowners house. everybid gets a full line color brochure, & all the colors are on the wall of my showroom.

I looked at samples today and thought GAF 40 yr timberlines and Certainteed 40 yr landmark looked good. What’s your thought on “GAF weathered wood color” with the brick and stone as noted above or “Certainteed heather blend color?”

I forget what heather blend looks like now. Weathered would is nice with brick imo.

As others have told you and as I tell my customers - I will install anything that you would like me to - I will see it as I drive by every couple of weeks or months but you have to see it everyday you come and go.
Both colors you choose are good popular colors. Have whomever is going to install the roof get 4-5 full size shingles and put them up on your roof. Stand back and you can see it much better. I always do that for my customers. I have had to put up to 6 different colors on a roof for a customer before the decision was made. Whatever it takes is my philosphy. We as roofers want to make sure you are happy.

Thanks and I do realize it’s a matter of personal preference.
But, felt confident the “pros” would have an opinion as to what would look good with fieldstone and brick. thanks again