OSB not correctly spaced 1/8"

New construction. Rafters are 16"OC. I asked roofing sub if it would need H clips. He said only if going 24" OC. Another sub did the OSB sheathing. Doesn’t look like too much complies with the 1/8" spacing. Much seems to have no spacing (shouldn’t I see some daylight?), and there are quite a few spots of 1" or more spacing. A couple of spots with 2" or so diameter holes. There is also a short valley that is not flush at the joint.

As the sheathing workers were cleaning up, I asked about the excess space & holes. He admitted those should be fixed and said the framing sub can fix that. I’ll talk to my builder about it, but what’s acceptable deviation from the 1/8" spacing? Guess I should have insisted on the H clips. Midwest temperature ranges 0-100. Thanks.

Post some pics (20 character minimum).

I’d address a couple things but for the most part I think it will be fine. The hole in the first pic needs replaced. And the valley pieces (long diagonal pieces) that aren’t supported should be addressed too. Best thing to do at this point would be add blocking underneath them. But honestly, I’d rather see the roof sheeted as it is over sheets being jammed way too tight. That cause cause them to telegraph through the shingles if they swell.

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When you say replace the hole, do you mean replace the sheet or repair it? I agree, don’t want sheets too tight, but are the ones with no light between them too tight? Thanks.

Yeah the area with the hole should be replaced. It may not need the entire sheet to be changed though. Depends on the spacing of everything they may be able to cut out the bad area. I would need to see the tighter sheets in person to be able to say they are too tight or not.