OSHA Training

#500 - Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction
This course is designed for personnel in the private sector interested in teaching the 10- and 30-hour construction safety and health outreach program to their employees and other interested groups. Special emphasis is placed on those topics that are required in the 10- and 30-hour programs as well as on those that are the most hazardous, using OSHA standards as a guide. Course participants are briefed on effective instructional approaches and the effective use of visual aids and handouts. This course allows the student to become a trainer in the Outreach Program and to conduct both a 10- and 30-hour construction safety and health course and to issue cards to participants verifying course completion. Prerequisites: Course #510 and five years of construction safety experience. A college degree in occupational safety and health, a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) designation, in the applicable training area may be substituted for two years of experience. NOTE: Students in Course #500 who wish to participate as authorized trainers in the Outreach Program must successfully pass a written exam at the end of the course. Outreach trainers are required to attend Course #502 at least once every four years to maintain their trainer status.

Ok, I am a #500 card holder. At the time I got certified it was an online thing. Between then and now someone decided that this course and courses like it must be taught in person and the physical test must be given in person. I don’t have a problem with this in itself; I get it. The problem I have is that, while OSHA mandates this test be given in person, it is almost impossible to find anyone willing to administer it. I’ve found a guy in the Bronx (has yet to get back to me), a guy in Queens (won’t do it for groups of less than 6 @ $400.00ea or CNUY University (that give it once per year in June).

Now, my cert won’t expire till 3/2013 so I have a good jump on this but I still find it annoying that we are being force to “comply” yet given very little avenue in which to do so. If it’s such a big deal to have this done in person then I think OSHA should step up and start offering some courses… At the very least they should be a bit more forthcoming with information on this particular subject matter so I can get some intelligent direction when I call their office to inquire where I might take my renewal test and with whom. Dear OSHA, you suck.

Just curious if anyone else is having this problem? I’m pretty sure you commercial boys need to be able to issue 10hr cards from time to time.

Big Government. Gotta love it