Overhang meets roof advise

If pics are viewable: Please help me finish this off.
I was thinking that these overhangs should float so future roofers can shingle under them.
Structurally they have lookouts back to inside trusses. They could float.
If floating is okay, I would need to flash under each overhang bottom for protection from bats, bees, and the weather. I would soffits and facia down to but not touching shingle below.
What advice do you all have?
Thank you

Second overhang that has two ends touching down on roof.

I think you are doing just fine.
At those points the facia and soffit become your flashing.
Bring the facia board to approx 1 inch above decking.
After shingles are installed install soffit to where they just touch the shingles.

I would use a non rotting wood like 1x8 cedar as your fascia board here
Unless you are covering it with aluminium

Of course the lookout are absent until roof is opened up. I’m notching end truss to receive a 2x6 laying flat that will catch the 1st true truss and pre facia board on ladder. Adding them about every 4 foot. House never had overhangs. Window sills all rotten. 20 inch overhangs all around.
Thought it would be better to float them for future roofers.