Owens Corning Platinum Contractor

Is there anyone here a Platinum Contractor? If so, how do you like the program?


We are Owens Corning check us out Texas Elite Roofing Inc
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The program has serious flaws. A lot of OC Platinums are divas who don’t use exclusively Owens Corning products, but want the fancy badge. Some companies qualify on technicality, and then try to bully Owens Corning out of giving those coveted credential to other companies who exhibit an even higher level of excellence than their own. Personally, I find it foolish to give Platinum Status to a company who markets GAF shingles and 15# felt. How about the company who uses exclusively Owens Corning products including TruDefinition Shingles, Deck Defense, Owens Corning ridge/ventilation products, and provides a lifetime warranty on all of it? I know a company like that who still does not have Platinum status even though they even qualify on a revenue basis, but still didn’t get awarded Platinum this year (arguably because the current Platinum status contractors wanted to whine about Owens Corning adding to their numbers). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for scarcity, so for heaven’s sake make the current Platinums earn their keep! I suppose that’s just business though.

Beats the heck out of Certainteed or GAF, don’t hear me wrong! Just way too much pageantry.