Owens Corning Recall

Got a letter from OC saying that there are problems with the Duration shingle made at the Summit,IL. plant. This does not apply to me or my area but im on there certified roofer list so I was notified. Buyer beware or call 1-800-766-3464.
“Take due notice thereoff and govern yourself accordingly.”



Thanks for the information. I recently installed the OC Duration Premium shingles on my home so I appreciate the update. I just called OC and was informed that the issue is only at a small plant in Summit, IL (as you stated). This plant only services the following areas - Southwest Michigan - Northeast Indiana and 1/2 of Illinois. They are sending the shingle to a testing lab to find out for sure if the asphalt has any issues (may not)!

Glad this didn’t affect my shingles as they were made at the Medina plant. BTW - the shingle looks great!

Thats mighty nice of you to inform us about that. Thanks. I personally dont sell OC but the info is helpful none the less.