Owens Corning vs CertainTeed

I was supposed to have OC Woodmore shingles installed. Due to a mismanagement of schedule by the contractor, they are offering to switch to CertainTeed Presidental Shake TL. The product seems to be very similar but looks like the warranty differs where OC also covers the workmanship and CertainTeed does not. Am I reading it correctly? Also is there any disadvantages to switching to Presidential TL?

No disadvantages, if installed correctly the roof will never need a labor warranty.

The Presidential TL is a better shingle, one of the very best in existence.


Agreed with Axiom. Presidential is the original maker of those type shingles. We use Malarkey when standard ‘30 year’ is spec’d out but no one makes better premium shingles than Certainteed.

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Certainteed got the Presidential line when they bought Celotex.

CertainTeed is definitely the supior manufacturer. CertainTeed until reading your post was the only manufacturer I knew of that actually does cover labor with a 5 Star enhanced warranty sold by a Select Shingle Master.