Owens Corning

I have been using OC for years and years now and I have never had a problem with the quality of these shingles…but since the start of 2011 it seems that their shingles are scarring more quickly than they used to…i know scarring occurs easliy during hot installs but im noticing substantial scarring on new shingles that were installed at 50 degrees…I just wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem

I havent experiance that yet.
But i did want to ask you if you have tried the new duration premiums. or the designer color series.

are they available in your area yet?
I am really excited about trying them out.
The sure-nail has been redesigned.
A thick wide double laminate area to nail into that doesnt dip into pooling.

I put on a few OC roofs last year. Won’t do that anymore.

Something about the way they lay and feel bugs me.

Me im a certainteed guy. OC i use for capping since for some unknown reason it matches better. Aside from that the shingle under 50 degrees should never scuff like that sounds like a bad bond on the shingles. I would personally tell OC about it. I know your certified from them and i respect that I am the same with certainteed but tell your local rep about the problem asap before the problem becomes yours with a leak or worse. Hope this helps

The problem I have is when you pull 1 and 3-4 stick together.I have had the truck back to my jobs so many times to switch them out.So I hardly use O.C anymore.

:smiley: All i use is oc and i have never had that problem ,not at 50 degrees anyway

yeah we have done a few duration premium roofs and i really like the shingle…i have seen the new designer series in my area but I dont think it will last long around here due to the high price…i contacted my oc rep today and we are gonna meet thursday and take a look at some of the roofs I am referring to…i do agree that oc’s do lay funny and it really needs a good hot day to lay them down…since lowes in my area has switched to certainteed i have done a few certainteed roofs and I must say that I am impressed…they do seem to cut easier and lay better…my only problem with certainteed is their shadow ridge capping…i use the high rise hip and ridge capping on all of my oc roofs and i think it looks so much better than 3 tab capping…the certanteed shadow ridge looks too much like 3 tab capping to me…just my opinion

CT now has Cedar Crest which is like the GAF … I forget what it’s called

I agree with all these observations