P roblem with hitachi roofing nailer

Just completely rebuilt gun now it’s cycling very slowly, anyone know what I may have done wrong?

The piston or the feed assembly?

The piston, I have taken it apart again and I have the schematic and everything looks right and all clean and lubed not any noticeable wear which amazed me for a twenty year old gun that’s never Been apart before, what do you think. Thanks for replying

I’ve only done Bostich, but they should be similar. I took it all apart and had an O ring on the piston rolled, but went ahead and used the whole gasket kit that time. Water in the line/gun will cause that also.

Yea, I took it apart again, think that I may have not had the cylinder pushed all the way down haven’t tried it again yet but will this evening and see what happens. Good to chat with you about the ice dam also. This is the weirdest state I’ve ever contracted in. Outside the city limits they don’t have any building inspections what soever, crazy, never heard of such a thing

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