Paint for metal roof

What type of paint you guys recommend to paint an old standing seam roof? This will be completely for visual purposes as the roof is fine and the owner just wants to change the appearance.

ER Systems products work well. Is the roof galvanized or Kynar coated?

Its an old steel roof that’s been painted many times over the years and still in great shape.

Recoat with Eraguard 1000 acrylic or use a polyurethane for better adhesion. Remember, the coating will only hold on as long as the old system stays in place. Do replace as necessary the fasteners and coat over them with HER urethane sealant.

This is the best thing you should do. :wink:

Thanks for the info guys!

You can use any paint some people painting their roof with the same type of paint as used with the rest of the home.