Pay Per Lead? - You are growing the wrong company!

Paying a ridiculous amount of money per lead is an easy and expensive way to get a lead. You can pay between $30 - $100 for a lead that 5 other companies also receive, and you have to Compete with those other companies who also paid the same amount for that lead. Foolish! You are paying to grow the lead company’s web presence / pocket and not your own web presence.

Web Marketing is the #1 fastest growing marketing medium in the world. Currently small businesses can compete with larger companies for the same market of prospects at a much lesser price than radio, print, etc. Building web presence takes a long and steady approach that requires multiple avenues of development. Paying an on-line lead company per lead grants your firm no benefit other than an instant lead to hard sell. Building your web presence will generate prospects that already know who your firm is and that are expecting your phone call because they have found YOU and requested YOU (as opposed to requesting a blind quote from a lead giant).

Internet search is growing and changing faces. Soon web search will not only be on your computer, but also will be interactive on every television in America, as it is already in much of Europe. Get in early, stay with a steady approach that builds your company’s presence and you will benefit in the long term through an expanded web presence.

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Sounds like a sales pitch to me Ryan…