Paying Per Lead - Online Lead Companies

All Around the Home is a Contractor Web Marketing, PR and Lead Generation Company and here is why paying per lead is WORTHLESS for your long term growth.

Go to google and search for a service your company performs in the city where you are located. If you are not included in the first two pages then you need to increase your web presence. Google (and yahoo and MSN, etc.) is growing and your company should have its foundation grow within it. Paying a lead generation company per lead will NOT help you grow on the web.

Included in what we do is the “Total Web Marketing” which includes a dedicated Google AdWords PPC campaign as well as quarterly Online PR campaign where we create and distribute an article or press release that features your company, to gain awareness and positive-PR exposure for your firm. You are allowed to provide us with Press Releases about your company, but if you do not have any recent news, we will create one. It is very important to note that the Total Web Marketing Product we are including in our service is the most beneficial thing that will take place. Yes, you will receive leads from us, but most importantly the Total Web Marketing invests time and effort by our web marketing staff into building YOUR company. Your monthly payment to us goes into growing your web presence month after month. Therefore, you are paying for your company’s exposure to grow exponentially over time. The web presence we gain for you, doesn’t go away. This will gain you more and more of a lead over your competitors each month. Major national lead generation company DO NOT do this for you.

Also worth noting - ALL leads are direct quote requests from the homeowner to YOUR company and are NEVER re-sold.

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