Peel and stick vs self adhering bitumen

Can you tell me the diff? I read peel and stick hard to remove if need to replace later on. Is it the same for the bitumen?

Different terms for the same product.

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I’m glad you said that. I was confused. Image result for Mr Bean confused GIF

Ty. I know that bitumen has a granule texture to it. Does a peel and stick have granule texture too or is it smooth. I’m just getting diff descriptions from diff people. There is like a $800 diff between someone who is offering peel and stick base and cap and someone talking self adhering bitumen.

I don’t put any asphalt rolled roofing on anymore. I don’t mop any GMA or torch, GTA. They are granulated. STA was our smooth torch applied. SA comes in both.
Your peel and stick is simply SA.(Self Adhesive) I’m not sure why you have a $800 difference. Maybe one is from a boneyard that is selling some cheap stuff. I wouldn’t put smooth on unless you are going over it with a lightweight concrete floor or it’s under a covered area. I would go with the granulated.
I didn’t trust the SA Base much. I used nail base. On a tear off, I used to put GAF stormguard down as my base and put any SA modified on top. It stuck and the price was much cheaper. I’ve been back to many of those during hail storms and they still lay flat and no reactions. Now that’s just me and my opinion.
If Ive got it wrong, one of the roll guys will correct it. I prefer EPDM and TPO. I don’t go home with Type 3 all over my truck seat, pants, boots, hair, hands, arms and the smell. I also don’t get the dirty looks from the neighbors for the great aroma I provided.

Ty. Yes idk why price diff either but thot maybe I’m being over priced also. It’s only a 64 sq foot roof and replacing a board or two. Only one was willing to give price breakdown on material the others wouldn’t so I have to guess what they charging for material.

Tell us the brands they say they are using.

Sounds like one bid is to use base sheet and the other without. 64Sq Ft is 8’X8’, $12.50 a SF for base sheet is excessive… .55 a SF at Menard’s. Bitumen is a generic term for asphalt.

I’m lucky to get a breakdown on any bid. Both are saying a base and a top. Have 4 bids. Only one gives a price for things but doesn’t breakdown diff between the labor and material cost but out of all the four bids only one willing to give some type of breakdown. The others just say what they’ll do and total charge. When I ask for breakdown they seem offended.

They hardly want to do a break down on the bids, if I ask for brand name they’ll prob ghost me.

You can and should question material brand/specs/warranty and their competence in the system. Price breakdowns aren’t necessary.

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Pic of some peel and stick work. Does this look ok?