Pella window--replacements

i heard the "pro-line_pella window can be used as replacement even though they say they are for new construction. they hava flanges(nail fins) on the sides?

techincly nail fins can be cut off but why would someone use a top of the line window and not order it as a replacement?

its a nice looking window. wood on the interior and coiled alluminum on the inside.its a cheaper pella listed for new construction but supposedly you can use it as a replacement due to where or how the flanges are positioned.

Sounds like a hack job to me. WHen i order windows i order what is needed for the job not what i can make work. I dont know about this guy.

ditto…pella is a very exp. window…its like buying a corvette, and using as a work vehicle because you can fit a hammer in the passenger seat. yeah it will work, but why would you?

if you feel this uneasy about the work that is being done…dont do it.

I agree with Marshall & GTP.
Replacing windows is pretty strait forward.
Your installer shouldn’t have to make anything work, they should be drop in replacements.
Make him order the right replacements.