Per square prices

what are some high and low end prices in your area?

Would not know since i do not bid per square pricing. Thats the best way to lose money

If you don’t price per square, then how do you do it gtp?

I would agree with GTP. By the square pricing will put you under quick. that said you can still run your numbers then divide it by the square but every job is different and you have to know all your costs.

Here in MN prices per square range from $150-400+ per square for one layer tear offs.

There are so many variables when pricing.

When bidding for insurance you put how many squares off how many on then add for valley, ridge, drip edge, gutter apron, step flashing, pipe flashing, turtle vents, exhaust vents, pitch change, two story, antenna/sat., heat vent cap, etc.

This way is the most logical because you get paid more for cut up roofs and less for easy roofs. Of course less is still an easy $300 on insurance walkers.

Somewhere between ridiculously cheap and unbelievably low.
Serioulsy, if you have to know what “roofing costs per square” (labor?) ask someone who is starving or out of business

I bid by the square, however that rate changes depending on pitch, access, among other factors. I add in a per foot cost for things like valleys, wall and chimney flashings. I also count the number of squares for hip and ridge and charge the same per square price for those as well.

So , in Florida prices range around 275 a square for a simple tear off with gaf 30 year on.

People ask me that question all the time…
My reply is “all roofs are different it depends upon a lot of things”.
Easy low slope new construction can be as little as $50 per sq for labor, if I like you, pay me quick too…
A big steep, tall, cut up pig will cost a lot more.
Way too many variables for per sq pricing across the board.

Have any of you guys ever seen or even bid on a roof that is round with ridge all over it?

Some years ago my father was called to bid on one and he figured the job would take more time installing the ridge than the shingles. Each piece was basicly four ridges and each piece was less than a bundle. He called the home owner back who was building the house and told him he wasn’t interested in the job.

The other day I drove by one of these houses and I stopped and thought to myself, how many storm chasers would bother comming to their door?

Unless I was on my last 20 bucks I’d never even thing about a price per square.

One thing that has always got me is people add for valleys, flashings and so on. Well thats part of the job and should be included. I am thinking of making a move for next year to colorado. If i can sell here in michigan i should make out likea bandit there.

Pricing per square is bad practice. not 2 roofs are the same. well there are a few but you understand what im saying. I have seen guys add for more I&W and im like that s part of the job. If you can not know what a job is going to cost you then how on earth are you going to price it by the square. If the job costs you 5k and you bid 5200 then your in trouble. Every job i do the price per square is different. SO honestly i have no clue and never looked what per square im charging. Think about what im saying.

Another way to do it is take youa materials and labor and multiply it by 1.45 for a 35% profit. I know it said 45 and i say 35 but truly after all is said and done it is 35% with using the 45 number. Reguardless pricing by square is bad practice.

GTP “Bad Practice” Indeed. I got lazy and tried it for a while. I abondoned my system and went with what others were wanting me to do.

I find out that you lose consistency. You may do well on a job or two, and then lose on a few. Pretty soon you scratching your head and wondering what is going on.

By the square is a suckers game. Of course if you add on for things you’ll do better. But if you adding on things, why not just build items into your price to get your price??

Even more stupid is when guys ask about the “going rate”.
I could give a damn less what other roofer charge in my area. Many work for less than a days pay and they have every right to go out of business.

well i have been in business for 3 years now and i dont have a per square pricing system. but 90% of my jobs range from 120/sq. to 360/sq. here in Grand Rapids but i just did a reroof in manistique in the U.P. on a simple 12 sq. hip roof and charged $3500 i almost felt like i was overcharging the homeowner because i knew the lady but my bid beat the local roofers by $1700 i spent more time driving there than i did on the roof

at those prices i could be driving a bently

[quote=“twill59”]Somewhere between ridiculously cheap and unbelievably low.
Serioulsy, if you have to know what “roofing costs per square” (labor?) ask someone who is starving or out of business[/quote]

Thats probably why your mom just called me for an estimate.

well guys i sell quality and not just shingles.

my motto is “You could probably find someone cheaper”

thanks to the guys who threw some numbers out there.

the rest of you guys just dont have the balls or the confidence to help out.

Material price per sq. + difficulty + any special equipment + if I like you or not + man hours + x-factor + working conditions = job price

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