Permit Help!

:smiley: Anybody need help with roof permits in south florida i am your personā€¦fast turn around timeā€¦email me


OHH Gawd. quick guys call the building officials !


Why are you whoring yourself out? You can get in alot of trouble doing that you know.

What is wrong with you u peopleā€¦get a life ā€¦ nice comment of whoring outā€¦get a life peopleā€¦

Why would you want to sell out your licence to some other contractor ? $$
What ever happend to ethical standards in Florida roofing ?

RooferJim "No NO I will not loan,lend,lease,borrow,barter,sell,rent haggle,heckel or whore out my roofing licence.

If you look i am asking if they need help with Permit application in South Floridaā€¦we have a great system down here the permits are like a bookā€¦i am not selling my licenseā€¦just offering permit assitanceā€¦