Permits, continued risking it all

well I agree, with what you guys are saying, however, should the guy bring me in on the job, give me some of the work, profit etc,would that change the situation ? please answer that, But, All of the cash this guy brags about making, he should be able to aford to get his own lic & insurance, right ? So I really dont get it…the person asking to get the permits is a good all around contractor, but for whatever reason I dont know ,he does not have a lic or insur,yet…I am still very slow with work, bun doing estimates, not charging tax to try and get the work that way, still people are not hiring us… We did find in the mean time ,craigs list, helped with leads more than the local s jersey shopers guide,anyway, any moe information on all this would help…the sales thing was great !! but It is a bitch doing all of this by your self… freakin too cold here this time of year,


You have a choice.

Listen to the uninsured unlicenceed contractor on how to run a business or you can listen to us insured licenced successful bussinessmen.

Who do you want to be like? The braggard that needs to find someone who is down and out to pull permits for him.