Photo Gallery

Ok, you studs and studettes, notice the new “Gallery” on the site. You can post photo’s of your jobs or any non porno subject that is appropriate to roofing. We’ll deal with abusers simply by banning them for life. If you find offensive material, let us know. Otherwise, lets see you and your jobs.

Nice job

I hope fat roofers bending down and showing their butt is not consider porn :mrgreen:

looks cool,but i will need help till i get used to this,where do i e-mail the photos to so they end up in my album,i tried to create an album so i`d have a place to send pictures,but apparently you need pictures 1st,so please tell me exactly how to go about it DONL-I HAVE SCORES OF PICS ON MY COMPUTER ,AND ALSO ON MY HOTMAIL PAGE----HELLLLP! PLEASE

Ah, you need to create an album first before you can upload first. There’s a brief instruction near the bottom of the page.

And if you have Flash enabled in your browser, you can watch a demo on how to upload images (might take sometime to load).

thats why i started i dont mean to brag post. I intended it for everyone to bragg that is a proud roofer.

here you go dougger,i brought it up for you 8)