Pile of shingles led to damage

Might be a good idea to contact your insurance agent and see what they say. Sometimes easier if the insurance company’s duke it out. This time of year I am sure you want to get a roof over your house.

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I’ve been in contact with mine as well. And they finished the roof with the damage present. I advised against it, and said that the damage needed to be repaired first, but they kept on.

No, no, no
It is just the rafter that was attached to the second story against the wall that MAYBE come loose. Maybe, i doubt it.
It is the only rafter that might need attention.
Acording to the drywall pic.

After a second look, it looks like maybe the roofer accidently stepped in it
Or maybe that is where they used a laddervader to get the shingles up to the top of the second story and over loaded it.

All that said and speculating and dreaming of every bad scenario
And the roof is done, and your ridge looks pretty straight
I really think a good handyman can easily fix that interior work.

Reattach the crown molding with two freakin nails.
Re tape the the ridge 6 feet and that few feet against the wall.
A handy man /finish wall guy could make it look
Beautiful in no time flat.

He doesnt need to call his insurance company.
He can fix the damage to interior for almost nothing.

Give him a chance to fix this.

As much as i said incompetence in stacking of the material which i do admit strongly bothers me

Your interior pic shows minimal damage easily corrected by a handyman.

I think you do not realize from the pictures that the entire wall has separated from the rest of the house by about 2.5 inches and there is considerable sagging in the ridgeline now. As far as giving them a chance to fix it, I have. They continue to say that it is not their fault.

They never should have shingle the roof. If most likely will have to come back off.

Hahaha No
The dry wall is perfect.
The left side of the peak drywall and crown molding fell down a couple inches.
Just needs a few nails to put it back up.
Like i said, real easy for a handyman to make it look beautiful again in no time.

^^^^^^are you smoking crack…don’t you see the daylight in that photo. you really think a few nails and all is good…

Big nails lots of caulk.

Yes, looks like the decking is missing, because it was probably rotten.
It is the reason that i suggested that the roofer might have just stepped in it.

That’s why we never do roof loads. IMHO, the roofer or his insurance does owe for it. Did they inspect the attic space or interior prior to roof loading? I’m guessing, NO. That’s BS.

File a claim with your own insurance and let them subrogate with the Roofer’s GL insurance. Takes you out of the loop, that’s why you have a HO’s policy to begin with. If the Roofer’s GL is liable, your insurance will get it out of them. Not your problem.


Some 1 1/4 white finish nails
And probably no caulk on the crown molding…
Remove, clean and retape the peak seam
A little popcorn ceiling finish in a spray can.

A, your house is likely poorly built and not able to handle that weight. Being vaulted is of course has no Perlins, or collar ties. Check your outside walls, they are likely pushing out as the rafter push down.
B, the roofer overloaded the section of roof, and should have looked at the job close enough to know it was vaulted on that large an area.
C, his insurance (assuming he has it) will cover it, but may subrogate to the material suppliers insurance assuming they loaded it for him.
D, this is pretty major structural damage! If the shingle are not removed from that area, it will get worse! There is no reason to finish installing that section, because repairs will likely require any roof weight be taken off. This will not be cheap :flushed:

Also have it looked at by an engineer to see if you need to abandon the house for safety reasons till it can be stabilized.