Pinnacle Architechural Shingles

Hello everyone. I am researching shingles for a new roof we are putting on our house. I have a bid for Certainteed and Pinnacle shingles. I have read on this forum that the Pinnacle line is not really the greatest shingle out there, but may be a good hail shingle. We are in southern IL about 35 miles SW of Saint Louis and do get a number of kick butt storms with hail each year. Any suggestions? Comments? Thanks for your help. Sam

Certainteeds landmark 40 if im not mistaken has a classs 4 impact resistant/hail damage coverage. Pinnacle shingles are junk. Stay with the Certainteed. Just up it to the 40 year and you will be ok.

actually you need landmark special(50 yr.),or the landmark tl ultimate to qualify for impact resistant—stay away from pinnacle

landmark 50 would be my shingle of choice . Stay away from pinnacle .

Pinnacle is the new home-builders grade shingle (to replace IKO). Stay away from it, it is junk