Pipe flanges on weatherheads

what do you guys install for pipe flanges at the weatherhead?get the electric company to come out get a retrofit flange?

ABC supply sells flashings made by Portals Plus that work great. If I recall correctly, they are about 50 bucks a piece.

Click under retrofit flashings.


As long as you have it in the right direction, and the shingles cut past the inside of the water return, you should have no problems, but make sure your under-flange cuts are dead on.

i have used the epdm retrofits in the past,also have used lead boot cut it ,geocel seam,and then clamped it.I was not happy with either thinkink of starting to call electric company and just installing lead boots on them BUT that will cost more time and money.

These work perfectly. I have used many of them.

A lead boot will not work properly, leaving the top vulnerable.