Pitch and Slope indicator

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Just bought a couple of these off ebay. First time I have ever seen them. I hired an older gentleman to sell roofs for me. He doesn’t want to climb roofs. Apparently, you can stand at the street and measure roof pitch. I guess it works pretty well. I saw a roof that looked 10/12 to me and sure enough this thing read 10/12. New to me, but some of you guys use them every day???

Well, not every day. Useful tool.

I hired and fired a guy who let me know he wasn’t into climbing roofs.He missed multiple layers a couple times.IMHO be prepared for missed layers etc.My sales guy has to get on roofs to determine a type of repair,layers on different areas.

I check every section to determine layers and problem areas.I limit my trust pertaining to the customers thoughts of layer counts.

I generally don’t keep anyone long who lets me know they don’t like to do they’re job or important aspects of it.

I despise that pitch guage.I use pitch cards.And I have a digital for the hip roofs.In the early years the OL’ tape and level was easiest.

True story:

Get on a roof the other day to bid it. We count 3 layers and bottom layer was wood decking. There was a tree hit so we didn’t have to peel back anything. The tree gouged a perfect 4 inch hole. There was 3 of us looking at the hole and all agreed it was 3 layers with decking.

Next day, start peeling off roof. Tree had gouged out a perfect hole in the center of a wood shake. I just bought a redeck out of my pocket. Homeowner was kind enough to add an extra $300 tip. Worst part of the job was that yard was totally fenced in and no way to throw from roof to a dumpster/trailer. We totally filled a 40 yard dumpster(ordered a 30 but out of luck no 30s so they delivered a 40 instead) to the brim from a 20 square job.

I would have had that salesman there helping physically and finacially…Screw that.I always remove down to the decking on the rakes and any area that looks feathered(Trying to blend a 2 layer to a 3 layer)

I always have extra shingles and a tub of nails in my truck,but why wouldn’t I.Any shingles removed I replace and seal.I would much rather take a little time to know undoubtedly how many layers are present.

Did you not have a clause pertaining to additional layers found unforseen?

If you have nothing about extra layers in your contract then,oops learn it once.And $300 is a joke.

I always charge more for carry outs and double handling.

And unless they just bought the house they knew the situation with the roof.They play that crap and since you had nothing about extra layers they hosed you.They had to have seen it from the attic,most homeowners who have trees enter the roof the first thing they do is look in the attic.

When I inspect a roof that has been struck by fallen trees I always look in the attic for other possible structural issues.

Crack house with pit bulls inside. I would fire the salesmen but it was me. I was the dumba$$! My main shingler was there and told me 3 layers. I double checked him. My mistake. I teased him pretty bad and we all had a good time feeling sorry for each other.

Funny thing is just finished another job for the same slum lord family the day before. I was already hot because I bid a single layer tearoff and it was a double. I peeled back the rakes and eaves on this one. It was definitely single layer. Some “roofer” had cut out and peeled back the rakes and eaves where all the starters ran. It looked like a single to insurance inspectors and other roofers. I see that dropdown all the time around the eaves of older houses where the decking/rafters are unsupported.

If the rakes were altered,the pattern would show more.I try to charge more for crack houses.It might sound wierd to some but I think a difference can be “Felt” when walking on a single layer or a multiple layer.I would suggest setting a checklist when inspecting and signing a customer.It seems you are getting burned consistantly.Thats a good sign that a change is needed.Just my opinion…,

Im sure homowners really feel confident going with a “ROOFING” company who’s salesman doesnt want to climb the “ROOF”…you’ve got to be joking? I personally spend as much time as I feel necessary when I bid a job…I take a flat bar, hammer, caulk gun, and a handful of hand drives everytime I go up the ladder…I pop a tab on multiple faces of the roof to ensure that I know how many layers Im dealing with. If I do a little damage in the process I simply fix it…As far as the wood goes, it wood be a smart idea to indicate on your estimates that any wood replaced will be charged as need…tell the homowners that you dont have x-ray vision and that you dont know how many pieces of wood if any need to be replaced, and that you wont know until you start tearing off…If hell were to freeze over and I hired a salesman in the first place, I would fire him so fast his head would sping if he wasnt able or didnt like getting on roofs…get serious

All the iphone toting roofers can get an app for roof pitch, but you have to set the phone on the roof, pretty cool, but you need a $400 phone lol.

I use the same old, 9 year old see-through plastic GAF pitch finder. You stand on the street and line it up with a dormer. Saved me tons of money from a boss who wouldn’t get up on the roof, he had MS therefor no balance whatsoever. So it was understandable.

Yes, they are a nice tool to have. I have had one for about 2 yrs. But they do not replace gettin on a roof to check layers, or other problem spots. I’ve done alot of roofs lately that someone had cut back the eaves and rakes laid in a 2x6 or 2x8 put on new drip edge and did a lay over. On some of them there were 3-4 layers of shingels and shake others as many as 5 layers and shake. You could tell that there was more than one layer by the ripples in the roof but it did fool a couple insurance inspectors on how many layers were there.Had to call them back to readjust the roof.