Pitch Cream

I’ve heard of some kind of pitch cream you can put on your face so the pitch won’t burn your skin so bad. Have you heard of it? What is it called, where can I find it, and does it work? Thanks for the help.

huh? is it 6/12 pitch cream… :roll:

It has been a while since I have needed it. :smiley:
You should be able to find pitch cream at your local roofing\siding supplier.
The stuff I remember was in a white tube and it had large red letters that said “Pitch Cream”.

Sorry to hear that you have a need for this…

no pitch cream, water babies/spf 50. i guess i do pitch too much i dont even use anything anymore!!!

the best advise i can give you, is
get some lights and do all pitch work at night.
you will not get burnt if you stay out of the sun.

the sun is what triggers bad pitch burns.

we used to start at about 2 am and work till the sun came out and we started feeling the pitch, then we go home and shower.
still put the cream on it will help.

you will notice a huge difference doing it out of the sun.


you haven’t been initiated a real roofer until you have ripped and installed a coal tar pitch BUR. That is real roofing hell LOL. Most of the guys now a days would all quit.

or had to scrape it off a cement deck,not sweating would make it bother you less,but even w/out sweat it will bother your skin,particularly w/a fair complexion

I thought pitch cream was what Gaylord Perry used.

Man, I did a 325sq rip and replace on the West Point Library/bowling alley about 6 years ago and it was all pitch. Dead in the middle of summer, had to wear shirt, long pants, boots and a hard hat because it was a gov. job. Job took like 10 weeks and man did it suck working 14hr days covered with pitch. I had respitory problems for a year after that job because I didn’t wear a mask I guess, thank God it passed.

a mask??? they dont make masks for pitch!!!

I’ve heard of batting helmets but not pitch masks.

He may have been referring to a particulate mask, such as the type of face and nose respirators you have to work with when dealing with fryable asbestos removal.

Once, on the National Guard Armory Hanger, at Chicagos Midway Airport, while doing a brutal pitch tear off, we all covered our heads with pillow cases with eye slits cut out and wore skiing goggles.

It was in the winter time, but the pitch burn really hurt once you got into your heated car.

I am sure glad that was not that much of an African American neighborhood at that time. We sort of looked like the Klan up on the roof and I could just imagine what a petential “Victim” would have thought upon seeing the rope on the swing beam.

I also used to use something from Avon, called ???Glove So Soft, I think.


Yes, I was talking about a particle mask. That crap gets in your lungs too and it messed me up for awhile.

I’ve purchased pitch protection from Big Rock Supply in the past… they sell all kinds of roofing stuff. The pitch protective gel is used before you work, the afterburn to treat the burns. The pitch masks I ordered were the same material as women’s panties and worked great.

Here is a link to pitch protection:
bigrocksupply.com/index.php? … 11_136_143

@ Least the eye holes are large enough to fit over goggles.

masks AND goggles? man, yous guys would really hate workin fer me!!!

I just use a water hose to rinse off every so often,sure those panty masks were for roofing :roll: