Pitched roof problems

Hi, I have recently had an extension built to the rear of my house. However i’m having problems with water running down the sides walls on the outside. It has a pitched roof and the water seams to run from directly under the facia board down the middle of each wall and the more it rains the more it spread across the top under the facia. Any ideas what could be causing this or where it could be coming from. Builder has stripped back the first few tiles and said that the facia is coming above the last baton. But i can’t see how this is the problem as the facia is covered by the guttering with felt running into the gutter and the tiles over that. Please any suggestions would be great as I feel I’m being led a merry dance by the builder. :?

i dont know tiles…but if you can post some pics, maybe some of the warm weather roofers can help.

Hi again. What I mean by tiles are the slates on the roof. I’m not to knowledgable when it comes to roofing, sorry.

Either way, please give us a few photos.

One from the street that shows the whole hosue & a few others showing your issue in closer detail.

Also, what region or state or city are you in?

u could have some undereaves missing there a course of slate thats underneath your first course of slate if some are missing it would drip like behind the gutter and run down the fascia board