Plastic board underlayment

The roof company we hired want to ventilate our roof and improperly installed a under shingle intake vent. Well after they finished and it rained we had a lot of water leak inside the house because of the vent. We called the roofer to look at it and he said it’s probably because the roof doesn’t have a lot of pitch. Well he took it out and replaced what looks to be plastic caurrigated board and bonded it to the shingles. I called him and he said he put metal down but honestly I don’t trust him and all I see is plastic. I’m concerned because it left a long strip cut into our plywood. It isnt leaking but will his hold for many years or should I hire another roofer to redo his bad work?

Really need pics of the outside too.

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I think he used a pvc board that fit just right.
I think he used self-adhered window flashing
To repair the nail holes which he needed to do to remove the vent.
I think its ok.
Or i dont see any evidence yet it wouldnt work.

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I think it is coroplast. Will that be ok cover a 2"x10’ area on our roof?

Hey Beargoalie,
Be at ease.
You lost confidence in him when this vent leaked.
He has responded and did the work.
I agree the sheet metal would work.
We cant see anything from your attic pic.
And your roof top pic looks perfect.