Plastic vs metal vents

whats everyones opinion on plastic vents. company i work for and every other company in the city puts plastic vents on everything. i see plastic attic air vents broken all the time. we see heavy snowfall and cold temps. any jobs i do on the side i always get the home owner to buy metal especially on a 30 or 40 year shingle. does anyone else have this prob or is it a waste of money just go with plastic thnax

I prefer alluminum vents,easy determine light hail.Plastic, only for light vents

I also like the aluminum slant backs not to crazy about the RV51’s.I like them for hail detection,but if the hail was 50 cents or bigger it would not matter anyway.I have been putting on so much ridge vent though.Closing the holes from those junk-a** turbines.But thats my opinion.

i just hope some type of metal or beauty shingle was install where that black 3 tab roof ended in the picture???

Agree,from outside looks wrd,but from inside,light and no elect.Spesial offer,plastic light and solar vents.