Please comment on this roof

I had this roof reshingled last spring by a contractor who has done other work in this area. At the time, they also installed a ridge vent on my house. They completely tore the old roof off down to the plywood, repaired any bad plywood, put felt paper down and then hnew shingles. I noticed last week that the shingles seem to be buckling. This link will take you to a couple pictures The contractor is supposed to be coming back by Monday. I would like to hear opinions from this group on what is wrong with this roof and what will need to be done to fix it

It looks like felt is buckling or deck is starting to pop up…not enough nails

Thanks, they only replaced 1 sheet of plywood so would that point more to the felt buckling since it appears many places on the roof ?

it just started to look like this after almost a year?

Don’t know when it started and you can only notice it when the sun is in a certain position in the sky. So you have to be out on the street looking at it in the early afternoon here to see it right now. Maybe it is more evident with the winter sun and all the leaves off the trees.

It always looks like that you can only see it with the sun at the right angle.

Its not a function problem, more of a visual problem for you.

you are seeing the seams of the plywood. notice it is every 4 feet up the roof. my guess is that its 3/8 plywood and should have been totally replaced or at the very least renailed the entire roof deck with “RING SHANK” nails.

your buckled shingles are every 9 rows of 3 tab garbage. At 5 and 5/8 inches of face assuming he applyed them correctly that is approximately every 4 feet. Old spongy wood he probably recommended that you re-deck the whole thing you asked how much he said $ 40,00 per sheet you said too much money and he said ok now look at your roof. I would tell you to kick rocks because I state everything in my contracts to cover my ass. So the homeowner has no roof to stand on. Good luck fixing that mess. Should have used heavy 30 yr. oh well you get what you pay for.

Just one?..then they didnt re-nail and felt is buckling…chitty… :roll:

No, not the case. I replaced everything they said needed to be replaced. They never said anything else needed to be replaced. Since I am not a roofer, I do not even know what you are referring to at the beginning of your post.

Lol at livingontheedge. Thanks for continuing to tarnish the names of roofers.

Maybe they hired someone like you. Someone who thinks that a 3-tab shingle is garbage when they have been around for decades and doing just fine. Someone who doesnt know to re-nail the deck with ringshank nails. Perhaps a roofer who just likes to nail shingles and doesn’t understand the concept of a roofing system. Oh, I am sure there are ways around your “contract”. Doesnt mean you can do substandard work and just walk away.

How come no one has said anything that it may have been the framers who have not properly spaced the plywood and because it is now winter, the plywood has contracted just enough to make those lines appear? That could be a reason.

Or it could be that you did refuse to pay for any extras the roofer said needed be done. Then it is not the roofers fault.

Is there ‘H-clips’ present?

  1. Marshel is right the plywood is lifting up at the seems the orig. builder might not haved spaced the plywood durning the orig. framing of the house

I agree marshall

I will have to say that if the roof deck was not re-nailed after t/o was done,then it is the sheets popping up. This usually shows after 1 or 2 seasons…I have ripped off enough 2-5 yr. old roofs to know…It is also possible that a full re-sheet was needed,and the roofer said F___ it!
Most of the roofs that I have done in the past that looked like that,needed full re-sheet…
Just my $.02…

plus there aren’t any plywood clips thats why its about every 4ft (except top where there is a narrower peice of plywood)

3 tab your in Wis. I am in Chicago we see the same weather. If you are going to tell me and every roofer or home owner out there that you if you did not have to pay for the shingle just pick one, that you would take a 3 tab garbage over a thirty year shingle your as full of shit as your 3 tab manufacturer warranty.One ply or two hmmmm I will go with two. And yes I will bash shitty work and hacks, Do the f ing job right no shortcuts, no I cant see it from my house. You have to expose the garbage roofers or they will continue to take the work and not put a quality roof on. Contracts states everything if the homeowner dose not like my scope of work details and prices oh well at least I don’t have to here I don’t have the money for that. I sleep good every night because I know all my work is done to code. Never a leak in thirteen years. I take pride in what I do and keep it American.

It’s the felt. I’ve seen it many times. Step on it and it goes down. Moisture in attic is escaping at plywood joints and causing felt to bubble.

Another reason I prefer synthetics.

The exposure on 3-tab shingles is not 5 5/8".

It is either the felt because the simplex nails were spread so far apart. Or the roof is decked with 3/8" plywood without any “H” clips in between the rafters. I could tell you exactly which one it is if I walked the roof.