Please explain how to up load pics, do

can you not send me to a previous post, explain here, how to up load pics !!! thanks, It will help you all answer some of my pain in the aaaassss questions !

it is a 2 step process.

use a picture hosting website, like this one: and open an account (free). upload pictures to your newly created account.

whenever you upload a picture, the hosting service provides you with multiple links for you to use:

  1. the image link will actually display the picture you are linking to in your post.
  2. the url link will show a text link to the picture at the hosting website.
  3. finally, the html link works similar to the image link, the difference being is that you would use the html link if you were displaying the picture on your own published website (or in an ebay ad).

So, in your posts on this message board you would use the “image” link. Simply copy and paste your link within the body of your message.

If you need more help, read the tutorials on the hosting service website