Please help me figure out what is the best synthetic underlayment out there and why?

Please help me figure out what is the best synthetic underlayment out there and why?

Like in general you mean? This is probably like a Ford/Chevy question.

Do you have a specific project your speaking of? What type of roof covering and what is the slope? What region are you in? What is your budget (high/med/low)?

Yes en general, I am looking at a 7/12 located in the northeast. Let’s say mid budget.

Thank you!

Our guys really like Titanium 30 for 7/12 and up. We have also had some severe rains on our dry-in stage with zero leaks using it. You have to ensure every single cap nail is tight/secure. 4 foot wide coverage. Price is around $95-105 per 10sq roll. GAF and others have some upgraded underlayments but they get pretty pricey and IMO.

Interco has another product called Rhino which is much thinner. Price is around $45-55 per 10sq roll. Thats generally less than any felts are but a 4 foot wide coverage also.

If your buying a lot of underlayments, Interco has some good rebates also.

All of the synthetic underlayments are overkill for their intended purpose, if you are going to shingle over them the same day it doesn’t matter which one you use from a performance standpoint.

That being said I have been using Titanium UDL30 for quite a while now, I like it because it is white so it’s cooler to work on.
Titanium IMO has the best walking surface of all the synthetics I have used so far.
One drawback is that when it gets wet whether from dew or precipitation it takes a while to dry out and it doesn’t have the best surface for snapping & holding chalk lines.
This stuff is a temporary roof, good for months if plastic cap nails are used.

I have recently tried DiamondDeck from Certainteed, this stuff seems to be pretty good, it has a better surface for snapping lines & seems to dry out faster.
DiamondDecks’ walking surface isn’t quite as good as the Titanium but it is more than adequate.
Just like the Titanium this stuff is a temporary roof if properly applied and will last longer than it is reasonably needed to.

I have tried the TigerPaw and Deck Armor from GAF, I’m sure that they perform fine but I found the walking surface to be lacking, a bit slippery even.

I have also used the stuff from Owens Corning & IKO, they were both decent products, like Titanium they don’t dry out very well and don’t hold chalk lines all that well.

If I had to pick one to be the overall best from a performance standpoint I guess I would go with the Titanium, I will continue to use it but I think I may go over to the DiamondDeck because it dries out better and holds chalk lines the best.

They are all pretty good.