Please read

I am going to take a sabbatical untill i recover. I wshi everyone a great thankskgiving and god bless everyone.

Hope all goes well with a fast recovery. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all.

thank you and a happy holidays to you.


gt, whats the big surgury? i havent been on in monthes but werent you saying goodbye back then? you saw the light or found a new career? happy holidays & hope your doing allright anyways.

He bent down to pick something up, at work, and blew a disc. He’s back out of the hospital, doing well, but REALLY doped up now.

Damn, I herniated my L5-S1 disc 2 years ago trying to start my gas compressor in -20C weather, if that wasn’t bad enough I had to battle WCB for a year and a half for compensation.

Hope you’re feeling better gtp, and I hope the surgery works as good for you as it did me.