Please tell me everything you see wrong with these corners!

You said it ryt, EVERYTHING

A 2nd on everything, drip edge work horrible, underlayment should go to bottom of deck under drip edge, shingles shouldn’t lift up that high, they are not properly nailed.

Excuse my French but the mother F-ER called me a liar today and said I didn’t know what I was talking about and there are very few issues with this roof! I KNEW IT! I shouldn’t have trusted him but he used the “veteran” thing… I’m a Christian and my husband is a verteran. We got burned by the Jesus fish on a contractor business card now a vet. Disgusting.

Was the gutter guy also the roofing imposter? Looks like the drip edge at the gutter was existing. The gutters were drilled through it. I can see where the nails have been removed on the drip edge. (That’s why I thought it was existing.) I don’t know what area you are in, but Texas Windstorm requires all starter to be sealed to the drip edge. This would be a fail. I’m assuming you are having a problem with the installer. Probably need to call a roofer out and see if the problems can be fixed. Might be less of a problem to pay for repairs than waiting on this guy to admit fault. That starter issue is going to rot the decking out and the fascia.

Yes the roofer included the gutter. I had him in for the chimney cap cover and other parts but kicked that to the curb with a real chimney man. I’ve got a irc guy coming to inspect and be a legal witness should we need him. It’s unfortunate. I’m in Texas and roofers aren’t required to be licensed. Here are many taking advantage of loads of homeowners here. It’s sad. A home is a persons largest investment and to take advantage of people is sick. This guy who was the “salesman/ project manager” has never even been on a ladder. I’ve been on the roof more than him.

The underlayment should go to the bottom of the decking but also on TOP of the drip edge and the eave and UNDER the drip edge at the rake.

Please tell me you misquoted yourself, MPA.

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What Texas city are you in?

Highland Village Denton County by Flower Mound

Everything not write call the b b b on them and see what can be done