Plumbing Stack Covers?

Finished hot mop & waiting for tile to be loaded…
What can still be used at this point to cover the plumbing stacks in order to keep out critters…lizzards, frogs, snakes, rats, etc…Thanks!

wire mesh… :wink:

Thanks! My neighbor recommended this down spout screen attached with twist ties but how can I attach it or something similar; securing well enough to survive the attack of critters gone wild & hurricane winds without drilling into the stack? I am looking for something with smaller mesh or holes, if still safe & effective.

A little cheesy but you can cut mesh into a circle and glue it flat to the top of the vent pipe with some quality urethane, like NP-1.

a couple wire ties/zap strap

Or just do like everyone else and don’t worry about screens on the pipes!

Doesn’t have to be a screen, I’m open to alternatives as long as the do they don’t interfere with the stack doing it’s job & they can keep critters out. What about something like these?

Any of those would work…I’d take it a step further and put a screw in the top of them just so the lil bastards cant remove them…

Any concerns about screwing holes through the new lead flashing & biting into the vent piping??

I would but I already got one of these and…


One of these vent covers says it “…has a patent pending design that takes the rain water and directs it into the vent and out the house drain, thus keeping the area between the outside of the pipe and the damaged flashing from becoming wet. This stops further leakage into the plywood base and thus further damage. Its outside shell protects the vent from squirrels,…”

Any thoughts?

That bottom picture would scare the schit out of anyone. :mrgreen:

I’m curious about why you want to be one of a very, very, few people, of maybe even the only one in the world with screens on your sewer vents. :roll: Just curious.

And NO, no holes in the flashing.

Well he wouldn’t be the only one in the world. I’ve installed three that I can remember. One lady had a bird nest in her plumbing vent. Others were just for the homeowners peace of mind

Glad to see I’m not the only one in the world, I was starting to get a complex. :wink:

FWIW, local sheet metal co’s here seem to keep them in stock from galvanized to copper in several diameters. Very simple…Round pieces of metal that slip on the stack like a sock & they have mesh screen on top. That said, Would you recommend stainless steel, aluminum or one of the plastic ones from the links I posted earlier in the thread? Thanks!