Plywood installation

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How do you guys figure Plywood installation labor.

how many squares do you expect your guys to install per 8 hour day"

low pitch to steep pitches

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well lets see, each sheet of plywood is 32 sq feet. It takes a few minutes to put down each sheet.

Not sure what you are having a problem figuring out.


if only all my jobs were that easy to figure.
I have been roofing custom homes for 40 years. Walk on already sheeted, just paper and tile or slate. I got that part figured.

On your figuring a few minutes per sheet? lets call it a sheet per three minutes, 20 sheets per hour, 160 sheets per day per man, your having a laugh, LOL LOL
seriously though:
How many squares can a couple of guys nail on in an 8 hour day, I know a lot of you guys have neen nailing on plywood for years and have to have a good formula for bidding. Low slope and steep pitch

Any help would be greatly appreciated


just laying decking over rafters, h-clips or t&g, and nailing them down? new construction, or what?

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Re roofing,over skip sheathing

$:12: steeper like 12:12


This, really depends on your guys.You said they are experieced roofers, ask em how long they take to sheet.I love to sheet and go pretty fast, but I also am very picky about my nailing, so not as fast as the machine gun nailers.Buy a buch of 1x3’s for filler for when sheating doesnt land on aboard.Good luck-Ray

Thanks again Deathray

Nice tip on the 1x3, I have not installed plywood in years, i remember messing about with the metal clips where we missed the skip sheathing.

A wild guess as to how many sheets a couple of good roofers would install on a 10:12?
So you know I dont have to push my guys, I am lucky they work hard and I treat them well, we are breaking in to the re roofing market and I have a large project to bid, hence the questions.

well, i CHARGE $135 a sq retail, for a low pitch. (7 and under)

usually figure per job on the steep, or cut up roofs, based on how long i think the job will take.

just a “per square” for me, only works on basic gable houses, low pitch, no BS, easy access.

Our crew works pretty fast, so its hard to say what your crew is capable of. not to mention environmental differences, inspections (if needed) and other variables.

but if you are in the $125-150 range per sq on a lower pitch roof, not real cut up… then you should be ok.

On new construction, I can lay 20 square a day. Provided plywood is in an accesible spot to pass up through rafters and I have a decent cut man.
On a R&R job it is much different. You have to get the plywood up to the eaves. Is it one story or 2 story? Do you have a machine to get the sheets up or will some poor sucker get to walk each sheet up a ladder? 1/2? 3/4? Are you going over skip sheathing or tearing it off?

You have to consider all types of the job.

Last time I did a redeck it was on a two story, just the back half, 9 square, one guy cut, one guy carried it up and I nailed it on and I dont think it took any more than an hour.

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Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated.
love the forum, a wealth of information here.

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