Plywood replacment

As a tangent to Lostroof’s problems getting his roof replaced, it got me thinking about plywood replacement in general.

How common is it on a standard tear off? Do you end up usually replacing a few sheets on average? I know it’s on a case by case basis, but I mean in general.

How do you remove the old plywood? Saw, rip and yank? Pull the nails?

Compared to tearing off and shingling, is the plywood replacement usually the slowest part of the job? Does it eat man hours?

I ask all this as I’m finishing my roof and that’s what I found, the plywood replacement killed my momentum. I tore off fast, and shingled fairly fast, but the in between replacement (along with some plumbing venting corrections I had to rectify since the plywood was removed) took forever.


Most houses do not need wood replacement.

Remove the nails.

It is time consuming. That is why I charge $90. Instead of the $45 - $60 everyone else charges.


I would venture a guess in the midwest where the snow flies, builders of 20 years or more ago did not consider the ventilation as they do today. This could result in bad wood from ice damming at the eave edge. The potential is there.