Plywood sheathing doesn't reach drip edge

This pic says it all. The drip edge is not laying flat because the board it is alongside of is warped. The nail is an attempt to remedy this but failed. Nailing into air is not effective. I want to know if this is going to be a big issue in the future.
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Is that nail tight or floating in the air?if it’s tight I would guess they nailed into the fascia board, which I would consider acceptable.
Better solution is a wider drip edge, or rip 20"off the plywood and put in a 24" or so piece to reach the fascia.
If it is nailed into the fascia, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

It is floating in air. Unfortunately for me.

You make it sound so easy. I will give it a shot. Thanks.

Bigger drip edge would be the easiest fix. Would use .032aluminum or steel drip edge for extra strength and to keep it straight.

While you’re remedying the matter, try tucking the sheathing under the drip prior to nailing it down and then add a solid tar bead covering the edge of the drip edge where it overlaps the sheathing. You may have to add an extra piece of sheathing if it’s not long enough.

These are great tips. I need to inform the roofer to fix this, if it should warrant complaint. If left untouched, will I be headed for roofing problems in the future?

I know it has been awhile. I am still wondering if this drip edge issue is left untouched, will it cause me problems in the future?

The drip edge might be fine hard to tell looking at pictures. Much more important, The facia tneeds to be repaired and painted or capped asap. That will cause issues long before the drip edge will.