Ponding areas

whay`s a good way to level out low spots on a flat roof before torching over?

tapered insulation installed by a insured,bonded,licensed roofing contractor

I know that method but isnt there another way of filling in those low spots that are minor?Oh,and I am all of the above.Asshole…

If you cant find a solution, do you have any business contracting it?

this industry is filled with guys who are licensed,bonded,insured and cant figure out how the trade works.if you ARE a roofer,and cant figure out how to solve minor problems.how are you tackeling the big ones?sounds like your over your head.also i am and have been a contractor for 40 yrs.i employ 125 roofers.if one of them asked this ,he would be fired

Whats this site here for?For guys to clown & pump up there egos?What a joke.Fuck it,Ill fill it in with mortar,Once again,thanks for nothing

mortar is for bricks!!! your fired!!!

I do not think it is a matter of ego. It is a matter of doing things right. If you cant do it properly, do not subject the customer to a half-assed job. If you do, you simply become on e of those guys we all despise…the trunkslammers and fly-by-nighters that take the customer for a ride.

Have you ever considered manufacturer training in any of the low-sloep systems? This could be a good start.

geez you guys… that was brutal! :shock:

I know, I suck :smiley:

i agree with you guys that maybe he shouldnt have taken the job if it was over his head. but it’s too late for that. At least now he is here trying to get help from other professionals to give the property owner a quality installation. i thought that was what we were all here for. where did you guys all learn from? have’nt you ever asked questions before? Also i would [size=200]NEVER[/size] fire an employee for asking a question!!! i wouold much rather he ask than to do it wrong!!! shame on you all!!! :frowning:

try filling it in with densdeck its fireproof

How extensive is the ponding water?

Whats wrong with the tapered insulation idea?

ditto Aaronb/roofboss.


It was a concrete deck.I used mortar. peelNstick.Then torched.thanks for all the insults. you know who you are.Sorry Im not as rad as you but Im not even gonna go there

next time you have a concrete deck scinereo like that try Barrierguard. it is class A and waterproof and self leveling.

If you torched to peel and stick, then what is bonding the roof to the deck, and what was causing deflection on a concrete deck?

polygaurd 650 under gypsum

polyguard, then gypsum (poured or sheet?) then what?