Poor flashing job?

Came home to this flashing job yesterday and it looks tacky to me? Should this have been metal and not plastic with overlaid pieces?

There apparently was no flashing put in when the previous owner added the back porch, so I think they created this on the fly? What should I do about it?image

In the pic the gutters and siding were installed upside down. Call them back out to redo the flashing, that is not acceptable.

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The pic is upside down Darkthirty

It is metal.

But you are right.
They didnt make it look good.

Hey it’s happy hour. I had to think on it for a minute also

I appreciate you clarifying that for me

Your gutters are on top of the roof!

New style, they never get plugged with leaves!

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In your opinion does it need to have those big overlay pieces added?

I wouldnt have done it like that.
I am not saying it wont work.
But he just wasnt Deeply. concerned with the cosmetics of it.

And i am not Sure anything can be done about it now Without making it worse.
The best bet would be painting.

If i really felt i couldnt get my flashing behind the siding,
I would have butted it to the bottom of the siding and caulked it.

I have gone over the siding before, but it would be even looking, not looking like its got extra pieces or missing pieces and it would match with the house before the home owner saw it.
I would have it painted before the homeowner laid eyes on it.
Pre- painted is always best, but those colors are very limited.