Popping noises after new roof installed

Guys, I’m in central Fla. and just had a new roof installed with 30-year shingles, on a home built in the 70’s. Last night I heard a loud noise up there like a branch fell on it. But now we hear loud popping noises up there infrequently. Not enough to be annoying, just enough to wonder what it is. I’m sure this is perfectly normal with some kind of expansion or contraction going on, but would like to hear from the experts. Why is it doing that? Also, does an inspector come out after the roof is installed to check it out? We are getting ready to put solar heating up there for the pool and want to go ahead with that.

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I would have someone look at the cause of the noise.

Do not leave it go. Have it looked at.

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What did you have on the roof before the reroof?

Probably what you are hearing is the roof structure getting accustomed to the new weight, either heavier or lighter. Either way, the decking and trusses are readjusting themselves to hold the new weight.

The sound is probably like the sound of pulling out a nail out of a piece of wood, how it pops as yu pull it out.

In a few days, the noise will go away.

Thanks… the roof was 15 years old and showing lots of wear and tear. The decking consists of planks, not plywood. I just didn’t expect such loud popping noises and it sounding like someone was up there walking around. I’ll be glad when it settles down, I was ready to call the cops the other night.

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check your vents if you have them.
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