Porch roof leak

Help. Water under shingles on porch roof. Looks like last installment was caulk and no flashing. Can I remove bottom layer of siding and get flashing in there?

I think the pitch is too low for it to be shingled.

I would remove siding an ad a roof to wall on that.

You might describe the problem you are experiencing a bit more clearly. It could be a roof leak, it could be condensation occurring each time you open your front door if the weather is cold. No wall flashing, missing shingle … etc … etc. Does this happen all the time? Is the roof new and is the porch new? Is it the gutters which are leaking? What is the temperature where you are?

Stating water under shingles could also mean you left a cup of water sitting on a table on the porch. You get my point?

To get better answers, you’ll need to be more precise with what exactly is occuring. Some pretty clever folks here can lead you in the right direction but clarity is needed.

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If the problem is as described, then yes removing siding and adding proper flashing is how it should be fixed.


Where is the leak showing? In the house/on the porch. Does it leak every rain? Blowing rain? Extending the downspout to the gutter might solve the problem. Water gets under shingles on low pitches.

Front edge of the porch, every rain. Drips through flashing inside/under front gutter

Sounds like the drip edge is on top of the underlayment, not flat with the roof, or maybe no starter shingle. If it’s one place, could be a lap in the drip edge. The water should not be running the back of the drip. Some roofers run eave drip over underlayment, that’s why I don’t.

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Zooming in on your image, it appears drip edge was not installed. See https://talk.roofing.com/t/cost-of-drip-edge/26416

It looks like a white drip edge with dirt and algae staining it but I could be mistaken.

Right above the window.
The first 2 runs of shingles
Sloppy workmanship.
Take me 5 minutes.