Porch roof?

hello all,
I have been trying to find some answers about this porch that has become a much longer project than I wanted it to be.

One question was how to hold the floor insulation in place when it was open to the outside air - wasn’t sure even what the options were, but ended up using corrugated plastic sheets because it was lightweight & easy to install by myself.

Another problem is the point where the porch roof juts out from the house roof at the top of the exterior stairs - when it rains the water runs off the sloped edge of the porch roof onto the top step. Caulking the house roof eaves where it ends at the porch roof didn’t help - not sure what else to try. Wondering if the porch roof needs eaves along the sloped edge?

chicken wire to hold the insulation, seen it done alot works well. im not sure what the overhang problem is, pics would help, but would a gutter or water diverter solve this?

not sure where to start. Seems the question needs some clarification. Unclear questions breed lazy answers. Not sure what floor insulation you are talking about.
Caulking is not meant as a diverter to steer water away, only as waterproofer. You need some kind of diverter/ gutter on the porch roof as roofdoc suggested. Not sure what help can be offered right now without more detail.


Hi sam999,

Take care that your insulation can shed moisture. Most any means of hanging it is fine, so long as it does not seal off the underside of the joist system from the air. This can blow a deck apart in a couple of years.

Pics sure would help on the water issue. Assuming the roofing/flashing is all good, the diverter is probably your easiest option. Just flip a piece of drip-edge over and jam it up in there. If it doesn’t work, no big deal. If it does, you can always instal something nice later.