Posting image

Tried to copy and paste into this post but can’t get away with that.

So to post an image do you have to go to a remote site and post it there?


Warren, you need to host the pic on a website.

You can use, Webshots, Photobucket, etc.

Once you upload your image there, you will be able to copy and paste a generated url link into this forum.

I think I got as far as getting it onto the site but not sure about the URL so will try to paste here then clic this URL box as well


I had copied and pasted the address but what do you do with the IMG and the URL up above will try to post and see if it works

Question was going to be some help on choosing a shingle, want to stay in brown and dark, found Certainteed today close by and will go and look at three tabs, pitch is 5/12, if architectural suited the home would consider them as well. 700 hours into it repairing broken stuff one of the worst shingles not put on right, water in the soffit down the garage side froze broke most of the mortar and the blocks at the bottom you could pass a sandwhich into the garage through the cracsk. All better now lots more to do


Hi Warren,

Here is your link.

what did I do wrong? I posted then copied the link and put it into the reply

Do I have to clic IMG or URL?

are you supposed to size a photo to a certain size first so it fits or does it do it automatically like when you open in Explorer



Hi Warren,

I click [paste click](paste click)

If it does not work try again. or try img.

Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

You probably did nothing wrong. You just have to try till it works.

Go to your album at RoofersReview,
Click on “show urls”, ( you need to be logged in )
Click on " click to copy " under “BBCode”

If you have more than one image, open another browser window by pressing " CTRL + N "

Go here and just click and paste. No need to add anything else.



I copied what yoiu said and will try that next time, so can see either it has a link or the next step is where the photo comes up in the post.

What do you guys think about shingles, will go today to look at 3 tab Certainteed in the same colour range as it has now,

Do you go with e tab also cause this home was built in 71 and that is what was used then or does it make sense to upgrade to a more interesting shingle, realize it costs more and again the pitch of 5/12 enters into it.



Maybe this won’t get read cause it is under posting a photo?

hey warren,
you have enough slope.
put a demensional on.