Posting Pictures to get help

Could some of you guys follow the link below and see if you are able to post a picture at roofersreview.
First I’d like to know if it works, and second I need to know how easy or hard it is to use.


You can follow this link to upload and then post pics at

Login with user name demo1 and password demo1.
Click Add items in left column.

Hi Dennis,

That was easy. No problems. Instructions were simple.

Thanks a lot Lefty. I was’nt sure how it would work.

What the ??? :smiley:


Did that like rot out the corner/eaves?

Hi Dennis,

I thought you would like that picture. :smiley:

I redid those 2 sections this summer. That actually did not leak. I built a wall and put a scupper in.

bump for catave