Pot vents plus ridge vent?

I have a hip roof with less than 10 ft of ridge each on two separate sections of the roof so I have pot vents. Would adding a ridge vent help or would it just interfere with the pot vents working properly?

I have 10 pot vents on my roof (5 on each of two sections) and the home has about a 2400SF perimeter - roof is generally a 12/12 pitch. Thought about adding a ridge vent but read something about mixing vents might create a short circuit so that one or more of the exhaust vents would just take air from another exhaust vent

Attic is hot but its Ga and a black roof so I doubt any amount of venting will make it close to outside ambient temperature. Put a 120 degree thermometer in the attic on a 95 degree day and it reached 120 by 3:00 in afternoon so I imagine it was 130 or 140 by late afternoon

I’m assuming “pot” vents are some kind of static vent. That is to say, just a …thing that covers a hole in the roof. If you have an unfinished attic, with a hip roof and only 10’ of ridge I would close all your current exhaust up and slam in a power ventilator. Keep in mind you’ll be needing some kind of intake vents near the eaves to do it right.